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Northern California Fly Fishing Report Nov 1, 2019

Fall fishing is very good throughout California for those willing to brave the wind and uncertain weather conditions. Our hearts go out to those displaced by fire and or potentially in harms way. There are plenty of great options for trout, steelhead, striper etc. that are completely unaffected by fires. Time to go fish!

Your adventure awaits! PC: Chris Nicola

Best bets; Putah Creek, Lower Sacramento, Pit River, McCloud River, Truckee or Yuba - Trout,  Trinity and Feather River - Steelhead, Delta, S.F. Bay Striper and Napa River - Striper, Pyramid Lake - Cutties!

Lake Almanor - Trout

Rating: Fair and getting better
Flows: Slowly dropping
Water Temps: 52 - 55 Deg
Clarity: 6 to 15 ft

Anglers willing to deal with cold temps are being rewarded on Almanor! PC Mark Antaramian

Fishing Report:  There were high expectations on the floating smelt bite. Strangely enough there are plenty of smelt around however fish seem to be so well fed that they are just not willing to chase them down. We got in a few days where fish seeming to be interested and then BAM the wind came in and with it cold air really put a damper things. Currently the lake is turning over and the fishing is taking off! This could be a really magical season on Almanor. With all the water we have and the amazing biomass it should be epic. The leaches on the lake are about to spawn. Casting to working fish and teasing them up is about as fun and rewarding as it gets. Strip...strip...pause...SET!!! Bam!!! This can be really fun sight fishing and something you wont want to miss if you like catching big fish. Both moster browns and large rainbows can be caught in the same cove. 

Guide Tip: From now until around Dec 20 is prime time. Once the lake hits 52 degrees throughout it will be lights out fishing! The leach spawn cometh!

Best flies: Clousers, leaches etc.

American River - Striper and Steelhead 
Rating: Poor
Flows: 2,700 CFS
Visibility : Good

Fishing Report: Fishing has been pretty slow so far this season. Some half pounders being caught but the AR is not firing yet. This is early for this river anyway. We just need some rain and it will take off. Time to give the American a break and look forward to steelhead to begin their return migration around the end of November or Early December based on rain.. Good things are already happening on the Feather and Trinity though so there are other options.

Steelhead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14, Copper Johns, Black or Olive Poopahs and Princes 14 -16. Micro Mays 14 to 18, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6 - 10 and eggs ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine)

Traditional Steelhead patterns: Silver Hiltons, Anderson's Classic, Fly Fishing Specialties Alevin, Anderson Euphoria, Heisenberg, Green Butt Skunk, Falken's Tiny Dancer, Hartwick's Purple Hilton, Hobo Spey in black/blue and Black/Chart, Intruders, Perpetrators, Beach Bums, Olive Sculpins, Cream Soft Hackles and Blood Sucking Leaches. Olive buggers, U name its, Olive Sculpin.

Striper Flies: Stay Hungry Streamers, Byng's Baitfish, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Toby's Rainbow Clouser 4/0, Toby's A.R. Rainbow 4/0, American River Special 3/0, Clousers - chartreuse/white, gray/white

Guide Tip: Time to target other rivers and wait till Winter and Spring runs of steelhead return to the river.

Lake Berryessa: Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, 
Rating: Poor
Flows: Not Applicable 
Water Temps: 70's 
Water Clarity: 8 to 9 ft

Fishing Report: Fishing has been slow on Lake Berryessa. Top water is all but done now that cooler night temperatures are cooling water in the shallows. Fish can still be found on points in 8 - 20ft of water but not in great numbers. Fishing full sink baitfish/leech patterns is probably your best bet. 

Bass Flies: Woolly Buggers, dark rabbit strip flies and leaches.

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Foothill Bass Lakes, Lake Oroville Englebright etc. - Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass etc.
Rating: Fair
Temps: 67 to 71 degrees
Clarity: Clear

Fishing Report: To be quite honest we don't really have a current report from the Sierra Foothill lakes as we have been focussing on other fisheries. Fall can be hit or miss on many of these impoundments and thus the hiatus. We had a couple good days a few weeks back and plan to get out there soon. We have been busy guiding the myriad of other waters currently fishing well but stay tuned. The float n fly that we employ on these waters is a great tune up for the Lower Sacramento, Feather and Trinity trout and Steelhead fishing as it requires quick reaction times and good arc on ones rod to keep fish hooked up. For now fish at your own risk or stay tuned for an updated report in the coming weeks. 

Bass Flies: Leaches, Woolly Buggers, dark rabbit bass flies.

Trout Flies: Bellyache minnow, olive or black leaches, buggers, small clousers or bunny patterns.

Guide Tip: Search and move. For trout look for the areas where streams enter the lake. There may be some big bows or browns lurking. 

California Delta Striper - Fair to Good, Largemouth - Fair, Smallmouth - Poor
Flows: NA 
Water Temps: 60-65 degrees 
Water Clarity: Clear to a bit off color depending on the area but good in much of the Delta.

PC: Maury Hatch

Fishing Report: Fishing has been so so on the Delta. Some days the fish have been quite accommodating some days we have had to burn quite a bit of gas to find fish without lock jaw. There is still quite a bit of bait around. Sinking lines have produced best and sometimes a slower retrieve and some pauses needed to get fish to eat. 

We had some fun Summer smallmouth fishing this season. It wasn't quite as good on the top water poppers as we have come to expect in recent years but still many willing top water fish caught and even more on the streamer or "popper dropper" technique. With the cooler evening temps the smallmouth thing is a wrap. We are booking next Summer's trips so look to fish mid June through early September. 

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Striper flies:  Clouser style flies like Byng's Baitfish - 1/0, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt. Surface wise it has been hard to beat a Crease fly  in 1/0 - 2/0 sizes.

Largemouth: Diving Frogs, Stay Hungry Streamers - Chartreuse, Perch or Shiner colors, #2  Byng's Baitfish, 1/0 Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Angel's Bluegill - 4/0.

Fall River  
Rating: Good
Flows: Not Applicable 
Water Temps: Cold

Fishing Report: Fishing on the Fall continues to be good and will continue through the closure on Nov 15. BWO's are hatching with some regularity and there are even some on Caddis on warmer days. The tricos are all done now but this time of year is still one of our favorie on the Fall. Gone are the crowds and it is a good time to drag streamers such as leaches through the deeper holes or over the myriads of weed beds that have thrived in summer sun. With two back to back high water years it is no wonder that it has been a really good fishing season on the Fall. Sunlight and warm days have trigger the growth of prolific weed beds that Fall River insects love. A good bet is to start the day fishing nymphing with Baetis or Midges to pods or holding fish. Or try the trout spey with a soft hackles. Once hatches begin keep swinging or switch to dries. Once the hatches ebb switch to fishing leeches or wooly buggers through the deeper holes and runs. 

Nymphs : PMD, BWO  16 to 18 and Midge patterns 18 to 22 exa; X Mays, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 - 18, Soft Hackle Peacock 16 to 18, PT's HBI's, Zebra Midges.

Dries : PMD, BWO dries and emergers exa; Parachute Adams - 12, EC Caddis, Missing Link, Light Cahill 14 - 16, Parachute Light Cahill 14 to 16, Elk Hair Caddis, 14 to 16, Hackle Stacker PMD 14 - 16, Lawson's PMD 14 to 16, 

Streamers : Your favorite Leach pattern, Hale Bopp,Damsel Leaches, Wolly Buggers,

Guide tip: If you don't see hatches swing a leach or bugger on an I line.

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Feather River - Steelhead
Rating: Fair to Good
Flows: 5,500
Clarity: Clear

PC Joe Garza

Fishing Report: The salmon run is late this year and should continue through December. Pairs of fish can be seen in the low flow jockeying around for real estate and there are decent numbers of half pounders and some adult fish in the mix moving in behind them trying to chow on an errant egg or two. The river has fished pretty respectable recently although it is a bit busy. Some quality adults mixed in with some good half pounder action has kept thing interesting. Don’t get complacent and set on anything as there are some nice adult fish in the mix. There have been some good caddis and mayfly activity on warm days. Add that to the egg drop and you have the main elements covered. 

Nymphs: Caddis, small mayflies such as BWO's and EGGS!!!  Red X May, Amberwing Prince, Dark Lords - 12-16, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 14 to 18 (black and olive producing best) Red Copper Johns 16 - 18, Hare's Ears and Birds Nests both beaded and non. 14 -16.

Hat Creek - Trout
Rating: Good
Flows: 150 CFS 
Clarity: Clear

Fishing Report: Hat Creek is another great Fall option in the Redding Area. This is a storied fishery for those of us who like catching and releasing wild trout. Fishing has improved in part due to less crowds and cooler temps signaling to the fish to get busy fattening up for winter. On cloudy days look for Blue Wing Olives to be hatching. One good way to fish them is a Parachute Adams with a small bwo nymph or emerger fished as a trailer. Even a small hopper dropper rig has worked lately along the grass edges. The tricos are now done however there are still some Caddis around. We've had some reports of Hydopsyche coming off so swinging a soft hackle or nymphing with a Fox's Poopa could be the ticket but don't neglect fishing leaches or crystal buggers for some of Hats largest residents. 

Best flies: Hoppers, Caddis Pupae, BWO nymphs and dries and trico dries and spinners 

Klamath River Trout : Great
Flows: 1,200 to 1,300 fluctuating daily
Water temps:  High 50's
Clarity - Slight tinge of color.

Fishing Report: Things are poppin on the Klamath. There are good numbers of half pounders and some adult fish being caught on the swing as well as via nymphing under indicators. There are quite a few fish all the way up to Iron Canyon but look for the first real rain to bring the larger adult fish into the system. It has already been a good year on the Klamath. It is time to get up there and get in on the action.

Traditional Steelhead patterns: Silver Hiltons, Anderson's Classic, Fly Fishing Specialties Alevin, Anderson Euphoria, Heisenberg, Green Butt Skunk, Falken's Tiny Dancer, Hartwick's Purple Hilton, Hobo Spey in black/blue and Black/Chart, Intruders, Perpetrators, Beach Bums, Olive Sculpins, Cream Soft Hackles and Blood Sucking Leaches. Olive buggers, U Name Its, Olive Sculpin.

Steelhead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14, Copper Johns, Black or Olive Poopahs and Princes 14 -16. Micro Mays 14 to 18, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6 - 10 and eggs and Micro Spawn ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine) 

McCloud River Trout : Good
Flows: 255 below at McCloud Res., 245 at Ah-Di-Na
Water temps: Mid 50's to low 60's. 
Clarity - Slight tinge of color.

It has been a great season on the McCloud for bit browns. PC: Steve Fry.

The McCloud River is a perennial Fall favorite. Current releases from the reservoir are at 255 CFS. Lots of flow and oxygen in the McCloud River make this a favorite place for our guests and guides to be this time of year. 

Midges and small mayfly nymphs are a no brainer to have in your set up however it's the October Caddis that are the main ticket currently. Try fishing a larger pupae under and indicator with a smaller midge or mayfly below it, or try swinging an OC soft hackle. It doesn't hurt to give fishing a dry a shot even if you don't see adults hatching. Fish will sometimes take them even if they aren't hatching in numbers. Try shaking the willows along the river to get a glimpse of these gigantic members of the order Trichoptera. This will let you know if there have been hatches in recent days and may help decide if sticking around for a later hatch may be a good bet. 

Don't forget that the road to Ash Camp is still washed out so you will have to plan on hiking (3/4 mile) down to access this part of the river. This last month didn't disappoint with several "fish of a lifetime" type situations for several of our guests. Give us a ring to get in on the action. 

Nymphs: Black and brown Rubber Legs, GB Poxyback Green Drake, Red X May, Amberwing Prince, Dark Lords - 12-16, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 14 to 18 (black and olive producing best) Red Copper Johns 16 - 18, October Caddis Larvae and Pupae

Dry Flies: Chubby Chernobyl, Stimulator - Orange, Fat Albert, Adams 14-18, Elk Hair Caddis  Tan 12-16, Mayfly Cripples 12-16, October Caddis patterns.

Napa River - Striper
Rating: Great
Clarity: 2 to 3ft
Temps: 68 - 71

The Napa has been fishing red hot right now. This Summer and Fall saw tons of bait come into the river and as a result the fishing was good earlier than last year. There is still quite a bit of bait around still so naturally it is going to fish well as a result. Fish can be found throughout the system. The numbers are down from the 40 to 50 fish days we had in August and September but the size has gotten bigger. Fish to 15 lb+ have found the boca grip in the last couple days.The Napa River and the S.F. Bay Delta system will fish well all the way into December. It is officially go time! Key November dates and tides still available so call today to set something up! Call (707)287-2939 and lets hammer em while there here!

Guide Tip: Try 1/0-3/0 baitfish imitations in grey/white or chartreuse/white, Olive/white.  T-11 or T-14 lines to get your bugs down.

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Pit River - Trout
Rating: Good
Clarity: 1 to 3 ft
Temps: High 50's to low 60's
Flows: fluctuating from around 1,100 to 2,100 cfs daily

The Pit is a Winter sleeper that produces quality fish for those willing to get out there and get after it.

Fishing Report: The Pit continues to pump out good fishing and nice fish for those willing to put in the work on this Nor Cal gem. There is some October Caddis action however it still doesn't hurt to include some large stones along with Caddis and BWO patterns in the set up. Flows are fluctuating daily so be aware of that. Nymphing the myriad of pockets and runs on the Pit with Rubberlegs, Amber Wing Princes and Dark Lords are the top producers. Remember to wade carefully and take advantage of the great late season and awesome scenery in Northern California. 

If you are interested in good numbers of fish away from the crowds and in truly wild country, then consider hiring one of our guides to take you to out. We still have great Fall dates available and the Pit will fish well all year long. Call us to get in on the fun(707)287-2939. The Pit remains open after the general trout season closes November 15, so keep this great fishery in mind this winter. 

Putah Creek
Rating: Good
Flows: 45 CFS
Clarity: Clear
Water Temp: 56 Degrees

Fishing Report:  The creek had been very busy this season but producing some real tanks, but flows dropped the day before yesterday from 140 to 40 CFS. Yes your read that right Four Zero. Solano County Water District is doing their yearly clean out of the diversion ditch. This can take up to a week to finish. Putah is home to some of the largest average fish sizes of any river or stream in California and its proximity to San Francisco, Napa and Sacramento is one of the contributors to it being so busy. From no until we stop fishing in December 1st for the spawn things will just continue to ramp up. Fish will resume eating midges, mayflies, and caddis once the flows come back up. Egg patterns will build in importance as a food source and as mainstays in many folks rigs. As we have mentioned before. Putah is one of the most technical and challenging fisheries around. It is not a place where you can go and get big numbers like the Lower Sac, Pit etc, however given its close proximity to metropolitan areas makes it an ideal weekend spot to wet a line. Our guides can help make sense of the often frustrating conditions on the Creek. Remember to have good stream etiquette. Basically treat other the way you would want to be treated on the water. Give others room to fish and don't crowd them.

We field some of the best guides in the business and our personal experience on Putah goes back to the late 80's and early 90's. Let us set up a quick get away with potential for a fish of a lifetime.

Guide Tip: Expect to see quite a few people on the creek right now. If you can't handle that then perhaps fishing or guiding somewhere else may be in order.

Pyramid Lake - Cutthroat trout
Rating: Great!
Flows: NA
Clarity: Prime

Casey "The Man" Anderson with a typical obese November specimen. 

Fishing Report: Wth much colder weather to come this next week (overnight lows of 15 degrees), we are seeing the beginning of the annual transition of fish from deeper water into the shallows. Fish that have grown fat gorging on Tui Chub are about to begin cruising the ledges all around the lake. Some of the largest fish of the year are caught in November. Already we are seeing an increase in 10+ pound fish being caught from shore every day. This is just the tip of the spear of the push that will come in soon, especially the larger Pilot Peak strain. These big Pilots tend to like slightly colder water than Summit Lake starin. Water temps will soon be prime at the shoreline to keep schools of fish in close for longer periods of time. Since Pyramid lacks normal structure that most lakes provide, fish rely heavily on ledges as their structure. Additionally these areas are productive as a good portion of the lakes biomass will be in shallower sunlit water. When temps provide comfortable conditions they will usually come in to feed. Currently they still have Tui Chub on the brain so fishingn something that has movement and some size will oft increase your grabs. On calm blue bird days it may be necessary to cover different parts of the water column. A whole host of little things can add up to make a successful still water angler. The are too many pieces of the puzzle to count however successful still water anglers often have quite a few pieces put together to crack the seemingly ever changing codes of lake fishing. One of those pieces is knowing when to fish what technique. Currently in the mornings the strip bite and indicator bite are just about even. Beaches with access to deeper water or steep drops will likely hold a few more fish. Stripping sinking lines such as the Air Flow 40+ sink rate 5 or 7 has been putting some nice big fish in the net. Beeles or boobies in tandem with your favorite buggers or streamers in white, black or olive have produces best. fishing balanced leeches in the same colors below a midge or nymph along ledges has paid off too. Expect both techniques to continue to work well as temps drop and fish come in to shallower water. 

On calm clear days float tubes and pontoon boats using sinking lines will keep you in fish when they seek deeper water to escape predation in the shallows. Traditionally November can be a waiting game and those with a modicum of patience are often rewarded. Fishing can be a real grind but as we get closer to Winter these lower numbers days can include one if not multiple fish over 10 lbs. Fish here tend to school up in their own size class so if you catch on 10+ lber there may be more in the area. That being said, some of the largest Pilot Peak strain will cruise this world class lake like great whites. If you are into big fish that Pyramid Lake is one of the best places on earth to tangle with 10 to 20+ lb trout. November and December are two of the best month to tangle with the very largest that this lake and Planet Earth for that matter has to offer. Call today to make some real holiday wishes come true. 

Lower Sacramento - Trout
Rating: Great!
Flows: 8,000 CFS from Keswick
Clarity: Prime

Oooh yeaah! The Lower Sac rarely disappoints. PC: Chris Nicola

Fishing Report: The Sac continues to fish well despite the flow fluctuation that started back on the 31st. We understand that this fluctuation is a result of trying to improve Salmon survival. Folks in the know say that In late November and December the flows on the Sac always drop. Salmon reds that were built by well meaning salmon pairs are oft left high and dry killing many salmon eggs before they have been given a fair chance. So the powers that be have come up with the idea of fluctuating the flows daily to try to discourage salmon from spawning in the shallows on the edge of the river and instead find slightly deeper gravel to nest on. Regardless as to the validity and or viability of aforementioned situation the egg bite is on! Trout are being caught down river of any salmon anywhere they are found throughout the system. Smaller size 18 X Mays, and other mayfly nymphs, caddis in 14 to 16 and eggs for obvious reasons are the go to's. 

Floating the lower river can get one away from the bumper boats up top and produce some nice steelhead along with resident bows on "eggs and legs". Take advantage of some of the nicest weather Nor Cal has to offer and some of the very best fishing for sizeable wild rainbows anywhere in the lower 48'.

Give us a ring to set up a trip for you on this phenomenal fishery! (707)287-2939.

Guide Tip: good quality fluorocarbon tippet helps!

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Upper Sacramento - Trout
Rating: Good 
Flows: 260 CFS
Clarity: Prime

Fishing Report: Fishing continues to rock on the Upper Sac and good water levels and clarity have helped. The October Caddis hatch is on! Fish nymphs or wing Pupae patterns for good results. Evenings have seen some decent hatches and some productive dry fly action. Some of the deeper pools are good opportunities to swinging a streamer right now. Also nymphing with small offerings like midges and bwo's is a good call as well throughout the river. Now is the time to get out there on this great section of California's most important river. Call today for availability! (707)287-2939.

Best flies have been October Caddis Pupae, soft hackles, BWO nymphs, black and brown Rubberlegs, Poxyback Golden Stones, Princes, Micro Mays, P.T.'s, Fox's Poopahs and Zebra Midges. STREAMERS!!!

Russian River - Steelhead
Rating: Poor 
Flows: 200 cfs at Guernville
Clarity: Clear

Fishing Report: Fishing is traditionally very slow on the Russian River this time of year and this year is no exception. Steelhead fishing here is a late Winter early Spring affair. Stay tuned as all the water in the last two years should give us a good return. Fingers crossed and stay tuned! Some reports of small half pounders being caught but the adult fish are still several months and some good rains away from coming to fruition. If you are interested in getting on our waiting list please call (707)287-2939 or (530)242-4122. We have a first call first serve system once fish are in the system and flows and clarity all line up together. 

San Francisco Bay - Striper 
Rating: Good
Flows: Na
Clarity: Good to poor
Water temp: 57 to 60

Striper hit hard and pull all the way to the gunwale! PC: Gregg Holland
Fishing Report: Fishing is good and fish are in most of the right spots. Fishing the right retrieve though is imperative. Start with hard and fast! Mix it up though and vary your cadence. (Don't forget to pause.) Virtually any clouser style bait fish pattern will work. White/chart, Olive/white, Black/Chart etc. Great fishing on the Bay should continue into December. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays traditionally offer some darn good fishing if San Francisco will be your location during either. Come experience the ole' "chuck and duck" or more importantly the "strip strip bang!"

Striper flies: Clouer style 1/0 or 2/0 offerings in white/chart, Olive/white, Black/Chart

Russian River Steelhead
Rating: Poor
Flows: 160 cfs Guernville
Clarity: Good
Water temp: 68 to 71

Fishing Report: Steelhead fishing on the Russian is a late Winter early Spring affair. Stay tuned as all the water in the last two years should give us a good return. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

Truckee River 
Rating: Fair to Good
Flows:  cfs 110 in Truckee, 40 CFS at Boca
Clarity: Good
Temps: Cold (high 40's)

PC: Chris Nicola

Fishing Report:  Fishing is good on the Truckee. Temps are cold in the morning but warming slightly throughout the day. The Summer crowds are all gone and only good anglers remain. It has been nice to see good edicate and camaraderie between guides, clients and non guided anglers recently. Fish are all throughout the system all the way down into Nevada.There is plenty of ability to cross the river right now so access is not a problem. As far as bugs go small midges, Baetis and even a few october Caddis in the mix. For those with the bigfishitis streamers have produced some really good specimen this week.  

On the Little Truckee midges and small baetis are also the ticket and BWO's are hatching on cloudy days.  Expect good fishing from now all the way until the water gets down right cold at the end of November.  

Nymphs: Small Midges and Baetis. Specific patterns include Golden Stones 10 to 14, San Juan worms, 16 or 18 Ju Ju Baetis, Hogan's Military May and S&M in 16 to 18 and size 10, Dirty Birds, GB Prince Nymphs and regular and GB Birds Nests 12 - 16.

Dries:  Extended body BWO 18-22, Adam's Parachute 16 to 20, Christian's GT Adult 18-20, Missing Link 14 - 18, Quiggly's Hackle Stacker 14 - 16, CDC Thorax 14 - 18, BWO Parachutes -18, PMD Hackle Stacker -16.

Trinity River Steelhead, Fair. Salmon - Fair
Flows: 300 cfs (Lewiston)

Clarity: Clear

Fishing Report:  Fishing has ben so-so on the Trinity recently. Current guide trips are netting from 1 to 5 adults per day. More fish are coming into the system but some more rain is needed for things to really jump off. Temps have been cold in morning and takes have been light but it has been important to make the most of them. Anglers should expect to "bring your A game." Fish in are clean looking and hard fighting.  

The Trinity river remains one of the top rivers on the West Coast to catch Steelhead on a fly rod. Steelheading is never easy however this great piece of water is one of the most reliable year in and year out. Currently fishing is fair but about to go off! 

Steelhead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14, Copper Johns, Black or Olive Poopahs and Princes 14 -16. Micro Mays 14 to 18, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6 - 10 and eggs ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine)

Traditional Steelhead patterns: Silver Hiltons, Anderson's Classic, Fly Fishing Specialties Alevin, Anderson Euphoria, Heisenberg, Green Butt Skunk, Falken's Tiny Dancer, Hartwick's Purple Hilton, Hobo Spey in black/blue and Black/Chart, Intruders, Perpetrators, Beach Bums, Olive Sculpins, Cream Soft Hackles and Blood Sucking Leaches. Olive buggers, U name its, Olive Sculpin.

Yosemite - trout - Fair to Good
Flows: Vary
Temps: 54 - 56

Brookies adored in spawning colors are something to be experienced in person! PC: David Gregory

Fishing Report: Fishing in Yosemite is fair to good. Rivers like the Merced, Tuolumne and their tributaries are good places to start. The Summer crowds have dwindled here as well especially in the back country. There is plenty of water due to two great water years so the streams and water falls are all producing spectacularly in their own right. Fish here are often not picky. Small attractor dries such as Elk Hair caddis, Humpies, Adams etc. with a small nymph below are doing most of the heavy lifting. Soon major snow will shut off fishing for all but the hardiest of souls. Now is a great time to fish the Park. 

Time to venture out before it's too late!

Yuba River - Trout - Good
Flows: Average 1,350 cfs
Temps: 56 - 57

Fishing Report: Fishing is really good on the Lower Yuba River right now. Flows are at 1,350. There are quite a few salmon on reds, so fish are chowing on eggs as well as bugs. Indicator rigs are producing best, but there has been a good dry fly hatch in the late evening. It has been BWO's and caddis for the most part. When you find fish make sure to pick apart every seam in the area and when the fishing slows down move faster and cover water. 

As far as fly's go various Caddis patterns in 16 to 18, rubber leg stones are picking up some fish, but eggs, eggs, eggs are the main ticket. Particularly mottled roe and Peach colors have been top producers.

Some 16 to 24" central valley steelhead caught along with plenty of 10 to 16 inchers. This great "sleeper river" will fish well all Fall as well and into the Winter as long as rains are not too crazy.

We had a fantastic Shad and Striper season on the Yuba. We already have quite a few dates reserved for 2020. Perhaps do like many of our guests have done and reserve your dates for next year so you don't miss out. For now though. Its time to chase trout and Steelhead!

Nymphs: BWO's, Caddis, Stones and EGGS!!! Two Bit Hookers, Hogan's 

Thanks for reading the report. If you enjoyed it please don't forget to like and share... If you have any photos or personal reports to share please email them to mike@offthehookflyfishing or call Mike at (707)287-2939.

Tight lines everyone!