Wednesday, March 11, 2015

View of the shop from I-80

An awesome view of the shop from the viewed from Interstate 80, of course.  Pretty convenient from the I-80/Antelope exit.
It's the time of year us striper addicts have been waiting for...water temps are perfect and and clarity is improving every day. Spring has sprung and "It is On." This past week, the fishing has been getting better every day. For next few months, the bite should be wide open. Get on a boat, hire a guide or do whatever is necessary to go chase those fly-crushing Striped Bass. I will be sending in reports once or twice a week from now till August. I am all about "The Constant Pursuit of Stripers on the Fly," and will be guiding on the Delta through May and then on the American River through July. 

Captain Maury Hatch
First Hatch Guide Service

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Truckee Area

The Truckee Area is fishing extremely well right now.  I was out there for a day and half last week with a lot of action.  We had good sized quality fish to the net both days with really good bug action to get the fish active.  We missed a few monsters too, my guests are probably still shaken up about that.

We concentrated on the lower stretches of the river from Hirschdale down to the state line.  The release from Boca is providing most of the water in the river right now and it is pretty obvious where the fish are.  The water temperature is in the low 40's so forget throwing dries until things heat up.  Look for deep slow moving pools where the fish are podded up.  It was a mixed box of flies that we got fish on, the flies that I can remember the fish liking were a size 20 medallion midge, a size 16 black two bit hooker, and a size 18 crack back pmd.

We messed around above Boca and got some fish to cooperate.  The water temperatures were a little bit warmer and I found a fair amount of Skwalas crawling around on the banks.  We tried a few double dutch bugs and got results with them.  With the big river in such good shape there really isn't a reason to fish the LT.  I am sure it is fishing well but if you can give those fish a rest and go get good results while you still can on big river.

Give me a call and let me show you a different side of the Truckee that most anglers never get to see.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Putah Creek Fishing Is On The Rise

With the spawn now over the fish are moving around a lot.   They are starting to show up in the runs and riffles where we like to find them.  There are still several pods of fish sitting in really slow moving frog water.  If you have the patience of a jedi you might be able to catch one of these monsters 100% sight fishing.  The flows will continue to rise up on us throughout the next couple of months.  It's best to get out there now while the conditions are in our favor and try to pursue some of the most beautiful wild rainbows in the state of California.

The flows are in our favor but will typically rise up to over 500 cfs by the middle of May.  The weather has been stunning and the hatches plentiful. 

Midges and mayflies have been the staple of what the fish are eating.  I have got a few fish on some tan caddis and yellow sallie nymphs last week.  Keep changing flies and depth and find those fish. 

If you want like to book a trip while the conditions are in our favor give me a call. 

Jordan Romney Fly Fishing